This is just a movie

The only possible explanation for the past 4 months is that moviemaking technology has progressed far enough along and we’ve all been inserted into the role of Helpless Bystander in a new psychological thriller. The first character we met was the antagonist, Donald Trump. He grabs women by their pussies, mocks the disabled, masterfully manipulates … More This is just a movie

Defending the homeland…at all costs

While DC continues to whip itself into a frenzy over the Flynn fallout, the White House bucks against decades of mideast policy, officials talk of sending troops into Syria, Trump’s cabinet starts to fall apart and Russian spy ships hang out off the coast of Connecticut, there’s a notable development over in Brussels. Today, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis … More Defending the homeland…at all costs

On Fashion and 9/11

Another day, another couple hours spent researching someone in the White House who’s willing to burn down the whole country in hopes that one day we’ll resemble the America that he (because of course it’s a he) wants us to be. So let’s meet our dapper fellow, Michael Anton. For starters, as you can obviously … More On Fashion and 9/11

On Islamophobia

Pop quiz: who is this man? If you said that you didn’t know his name but he looks a guy who is all about religious inclusion you’d be 100%…wrong. If you said he’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a British-born former Breitbart blogger and author of a book called Defeating Jihad with very anti-Muslim views you’d be … More On Islamophobia

On Planning

You know you’re doing something wrong when your parents won’t even let you talk when you’re in their house. And you know you’re definitely fucking up when one of your best friends is getting all of your other friends together to band against you. But that’s exactly what is happening to America right now. The Speaker of the House of … More On Planning