New. Not better, not worse. Just new.

In an event that a 47% of Americans were hoping for, and 48% of Americans really didn’t want to happen (let’s forget about the third partiers because what did they truly want?), Donald J. Trump laid claim to the United States presidency early this morning. Even the most distant observer can tell that things (health, environment, economy, human rights, etc) will be different now – for better or for worse. And oceans of digital ink will be dripped across the internet about what this means. From praise to scorn to all of the emotion in between, it’s good that this will be the case. It’s people expressing themselves. Hooray.

But just as social media has fundamentally altered how we interact with people (not saying this either good or bad – it’s just how it is), this election is the same thing. Donald Trump has been elected as our next president. So let’s roll with it – and document what happens. Civilization is a long, winding path that gets presented with new, unexpected situations all the time. A Trump White House is a new, unexpected situation – and what does this mean in relation to how we’ve existed and interacted before? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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