CFP: We Must Expect Better From Our Terrible Programming Overlords

The College Football Playoff New Year’s Eve scheduling debacle happened exactly as it needed to: with greedy ass officials trying to force something down our dumbass throats and having it instead blow up in their dumbass faces.

With ratings at 60% of where they were last year (when they were spectacular), it should come as no surprise that the latter dumbasses got their eyeballs replaced with dollar signs and tried to squeeze more money out of the equation. But they forgot one thing: New Year’s Eve is the one holiday where Americans are expected to get drunk as hell and aren’t expected to hang out with family. And there’s no way we’re giving up that one precious day to watch some teenagers play football.

We as a country of dumbasses should expect way better insight about our behavior from our nation’s greedy ass officials. It’s how this place works.

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