Paying College Athletes

This is a very good piece about how to actually pay the uncompensated child-athletes that make billions of dollars for the adult-officials in a very smart and well-reasoned way. Also, the NCAA is broken and we must kill it so that we can fix it. It’s a national embarrassment.

Geopolitics and the NFL Playoffs

Geopolitics are all around us. The NFL playoffs are also all around us. So let’s combine these two very important topics and highlight connections between each team and their most similar international actors. International Actor: ISIS NFL Team: Carolina Panthers Why: Upstart; savvy; have immense swagger; targets of unending racist remarks; appeal to young people; … More Geopolitics and the NFL Playoffs

Power Kobe

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told season ticket holders that the franchise “cannot move on” until Kobe Bryant leaves at the end of the season. The exec of one of the most valuable franchises on earth went on to say that “this is a year that’s dedicated to Kobe and his farewell,” which proves that … More Power Kobe

Rick Fox Wins Again

Behold, the greatest Wikipedia entry out there: Yes, that’s right. Rick Fox, the former NBA playboy and husband of Vanessa Williams, who also at one point thought this was a good, non-sleazy look made a baller move and paid a million dollars for the dream squad of Froggen, Hard, Keith, KFO and Baby. Looks like we’ve … More Rick Fox Wins Again

Carly Fiorina’s Tweet is Actually Good

The thing about this Carly Fiorina tweet is this: it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today. #RoseBowl — Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) January 1, 2016 As background, Candidate Fiorina is a Stanford alum, and they were playing the University of Iowa in a much-anticipated bowl … More Carly Fiorina’s Tweet is Actually Good

CFP: We Must Expect Better From Our Terrible Programming Overlords

The College Football Playoff New Year’s Eve scheduling debacle happened exactly as it needed to: with greedy ass officials trying to force something down our dumbass throats and having it instead blow up in their dumbass faces. With ratings at 60% of where they were last year (when they were spectacular), it should come as … More CFP: We Must Expect Better From Our Terrible Programming Overlords